We believe in reading together, picture books and the digital craft. A visual, tactile experience in an animated universe and a new story every week.


PIBOCO creates lively and playful stories that stimulate children to learn how to read and to go on wild adventures to far away places, where they can learn new things about others. We develop picture books that open the horizon of the child and introduce the child to the world of art through the finest and award-winning illustrations and stories. We create picture books that teach the child to interpret abstract images and how to grow up in this world. We make the digital world safe and free from advertising.


Our team carefully selects the best and award-winning picture books. We make the illustrations come alive and create playful animations and interactions. The stories are translated by professional translators into Danish, English, French and Spanish – and soon many other languages. We hire voice actors to narrate in each language, and our composer creates unique music and sounds for each story. We do our best and put all our love into each picture book – and we are proud to present a whole new picture book experience every week.


By going digital, our stories and the beautiful craftsmanship can reach children around the world. The digital format means that we can give the wonderful stories completely new dimensions: playful animations, sound effects, narration in several languages and brand-new music composed by some of the most talented composers and musicians. This raises every single book to an entirely new experience. We believe in creating something new and providing our absolute best. We believe in the handmade, digital picture book.

Read climate friendly! The digital format reduces the carbon footprint by each book we are publishing. Our digital books are many times more carbon efficient than books made of paper.