We do our best and put all our love into each picture book - and we are proud to present a whole new curated picture book experience every week.


We believe in picture books. We believe in stories as a great way to learn from older generations. To learn how to read. To educate. To learn how to entertain yourself. To go on wild adventures to far away places and wake up in the warm safety of our homes with our family around us. To learn about others, maybe less fortunate than ourselves. We believe in picture books opening the horizons of the children, introducing them to the world of art, teaching them to interpret abstract images and how to grow in this world.


Our team carefully selects the best books we can find. We create storyboards that we share with artists and publishing houses. We set-up each book, prepare the animations, design the interactions, translate into English, French, Danish and Spanish and soon many other languages. We hire voice actors to narrate in each language. We design the soundscapes of each story and our composer creates unique music for each title. 


By going digital, we have found a method to distribute more efficiently the great artwork and storytelling by the many artists we work with to children all over the world. By going digital, we are reducing the carbon footprint by each book we are publishing*. By going digital, we can add a third dimension to the wonderful stories, we can give them sound effects, narration in many languages and a unique musical score by some of the most talented composers and musicians, elevating each title into a brand new experience. We believe in crafting and doing your best effort. We believe in making handmade digital picture books.”

* our books are many times more carbon efficient than books made of paper






Come meet everyone!

  • Aksel Køie

    CEO + Founder

    “ I love everything about PIBOCO (obviously), as creating digital quality content for kids has been my devotion the last 8-10 years of my life. I also love that we are working with some of the best artists in the world: why should kids have any less? ”​

  • Hans Oxmond


    " For the last 20 years I have been developing award winning software for the largest brands in the world. But what I really love is PIBOCO's concept of re-thinking the children's book so we can deliver beautiful hand drawn animated stories to our loved ones... "

  • Ines Silva

    Foreign Rights

    " I am thrilled to collaborate with PIBOCO, contributing to make beautiful books available in this excellent digital collection that will soon be reached by many children in the world. "

  • Olga Alvarez Lenskaya

    Production Lead

    “ I am passionate about good stories, and here I have the chance to work with making fun, interactive experiences for children through beautiful stories. “

  • Jesper Ankarfeldt

    Music, sounds and effects

    " I’m super happy to be part of this new digital movement in books and excited to find new ways to tell stories through picture and sound.
    PIBOCO have an almost tactile feel to it with the high quality of picture books which makes it very inspiring to work with. "

  • Noor Tadjer

    Lead Animator 

    “ What I'm most excited about in PIBOCO, is the opportunity to use traditional storytelling tools such as picture books, cinema and games, in order to create a new genre, that is both unique & contemporary. “

  • Miriana Greggi

    Production + digital artist

    “ Reading children's books is always an amazing experience and being able to create new ways to read fantastic stories together is what we do at PIBOCO. I really love seeing these beautiful illustrations come to life in a new way. “

  • Jesper Ezme Sørensen

    Digital artist

    “ Creating beautiful digital experiences for children is a dream task for me, and with PIBOCO I get to work with the best of storytellers, illustrators and designers, all day, every day! "

  • Patricia Baranyaiova

    Digital UX Designer

    “ I've always loved unconventional ways to do things - and telling children's stories through narrated and animated books from artists all over the world - is certainly one of them. ”

  • Jacob Kjær


    " I taught myself programming when I was 11, and by 16 I was winning amateur games competitions. I picked up Unity along the way, and for 10 years I have worked almost exclusively with this technology, doing everything from games to complex tools. "

  • Nikolaj Dyring Jensen


    " I am taking a Software Developer degree and truly passionate about learning the latest and greatest technologies, be it frontend or backend. 

    I love working in a fast-paced environment and with teams of different competences. PIBOCO is a great place for a versatile programmer with interests in Software, VR / AR and game development. "

  • Niels Zacharias Bidstrup


    " Imagining new fun and engaging experiences in digital picture books and empowering the team to make amazing things are the most gratifying elements of working at PIBOCO. "

  • Philip Falck

    Developer / consultant

    " Working with PIBOCO's technology infrastructure presents some interesting challenges, which requires us to look and plan for the future, and that makes it very cool to work with. "

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